Our History
EIBS was born in 2017 to create a genuinely inclusive and diverse environment for neurodiverse kids. Maria Alejandra Mejia, EIBS founder, was aware that a tailor-made program was needed for neurodiverse kids to bloom and achieve their academic and behavioral goals. EIBS started as a pilot that evolve to a full-time program and that today works with kids and families from elementary to High School level.
At EIBS, we believe in neurodiversity and that every brain and individual is unique and special. We understand that each brain works differently and that by identifying how it works, we can support individual academic and emotional development. There is no one-fits-all solution in our program; we value, embrace and empower our students’ unique talents, abilities, and capacities with tailor-made curriculums so they can aim to build an autonomous and independent life.
We believe in the ability of our students to learn, develop and acquire new skills, like any other kid. Our daily commitment is to build a place that provides the love, care, support, and challenge each student needs to reach their academic and behavioral goals. A safe, healthy, and holistic environment where they can socialize, play, learn and bloom.
We work to create an inclusive and diverse world full of kindness and acceptance and build a future where neurodiversity is valued and present in public and private agendas. We are here to enable a society that welcomes everyone’s uniqueness and embraces creativity, diversity, and innovative solutions.
Our mission is to improve the quality of neurodiverse kids’ lives through an innovative and inclusive educational program and educate and empower them to be autonomous and independent.
Our commitment to the neurodiverse community is to support students and parents, embrace their diverse brains, and give them the support, guidance, and tools they need to use their brain’s fullest potential and achieve their life goals.
We are all in to raise awareness about our neurodiverse community challenges, but we know awareness without action is useless. We advocate for respect, acceptance, and kindness for our community, and we continue searching and creating educational options for our students and families.
Our Founder
EIBS was born to realize Maria Alejandra Mejia’s dream of teaching and impacting the lives of neurodiverse kids. After the loss of her brother Nicolas, diagnosed with Down syndrome in 2010, her mission was reaffirmed. She decided to devote herself to making a difference in the lives of the children and their families as well.
In 2012, Maria Alejandra completed her Bachelor in Exceptional Student Education and decided to continue her studies to understand better how to impact children with disabilities.
While living in Italy, she specialized in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) returned to the United States determined to make her dream come true. Her long-term goal is to create a disruptive, innovative, and replicable model to transform and give value to traditional educational systems. Furthermore, her mission is to provide neurodiverse kids with the education and tools they need to bloom and build an autonomous and fulfilling life.

Our Services are transforming and enhancing the current educational system by creating specialized classrooms within private institutions or schools willing to open their doors to inclusion.


Our method is structured to meet the objectives of the academic program that has been designed on the basis of ABA to achieve the expected results for each student.


We are committed to improving the quality of life for our students by providing them an educational environment suited for their needs. Our goal is to teach new skills and reduce problem behaviors.

Our Model
EIBS offers an innovative style of classroom management and instruction. Our classrooms are “Dynamic”, meaning our students transition between stations around the class giving them the opportunity to receive small group and one to one instruction.

It is our mission to make learning enjoyable for our students and motivate them to push further. Each student receives tailor-made academic curriculum to target individual needs. All of our teaching methods are evidence based which guarantees success in academic and behavioral outcomes.

What makes our program unique is the synergy we have with the schools we work with. Students have the ability to attend different classes and activities with the rest of the school, giving them the opportunity to live and experience regular instruction classes.

To achieve fast and long-term results without sacrificing quality, our classrooms are limited to a maximum of 8 students. Our therapists are certified ABA professionals who implement the tailor-made curriculum. In addition, we provide periodical reports to keep parents update on their child’s behavioral metrics.

EIBS Model is Based on
Evidence-based practice and ABA principles to guarantee learning & short-term results.

Inclusive Tailor-Made Adademic Curriculum.

Positive Reinforcement.

Clear and measurable academic and discipline metrics and follow up process.

Fully Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intervention in 1:1 sessions.

An aligned support system and environment for the student.

A rich and round curriculum that makes learning fun and attainable.

Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis
Applied Behavior Analysis focuses on helping individuals learn socially significant skills, and at the same time, it aims to decrease problem behaviors that are a barrier for learning and socialization using procedures that have been demonstrated to be effective through applied research.

ABA can target the following skills:

  • Daily living skills.
  • Language and communication skills.
  • Social skills.
  • Reduction of problem behaviors.
  • Feeding disorders.
  • Academic skills.
  • Playing/leisure skills.